Women's business bag- tkanica


Women's business bag, tkanica
product: women's bag, top quality product
making: handmade
material: combination natural leather and traditional woolen matertial -tkanica
dimension:  cca 42x28x7 cm / more dimensions , colors and motives
handles bag: short handles and one long handle
note: a laptop can be placed in the bag
use: unique gift product / product for personal or other needs
orgin: Croatian produc
Code: 358-b

TKANICA is a woolen product with a traditional pattern in more shades and more colors. It is made on a hand loom machine in multiple colors and more motifs.
In the fashion world, the functional women's business bag "TKANICA" has been recognized, which has elements of fashion design and Croatian ethno motifs. It appears in more shapes and more colors, it is made from a tanned leather in combination with natural leather.

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