Pag lace in a wooden box


Pag lace in a wooden box
product: lace
making: 100 % handmade
material: cotton thread lace
dimension:  7 do 9 cm (lace),  25x25x5(wooden box )
lace: the lace is framed
box: wooden box,  in the box below the lace is a glass and underneath the glass is sea salt.
Attachment: lace brochure, certificate of lace
origin: Croatian product
use: excellent croatian gift products and souvenirs
Code: 081

Pag lace
From the begining 20th century, the traditional skills of sewing Pag lace under the influence of Lace School and studio-workshop "Frano Budak" of the Pag city redirected to create individual decorative objects that we know today as the famous Pag lace . In that Croatian product recognize motifs taken from folklore textile still remain in a strict home, Renaissance geometric of forms. In almost the preparation of these unique artistic handicrafts - which are traditionally for woman from Pag almost the only secure income stingy island's climate - created exceptional designs for ecclesiastical vestments, as well as tablecloths, doilies, handkerchiefs and decorations for various pieces of clothing, often framed as a picture on the wall, then objects that are used in its civil society. Pag lace carries visual label originally Croatian which confirming superior quality of croatian souvenir.

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