Croatian Chess set


Croatian Chess set
product: chess set
chessman:  made of metal
packaging: wooden box, blue plush bag, brochure ( cro,eng,ger )
box dimensions (cm(: 41,5 x 41,5 x 6,5
dimensions of boards to play chess (cm): 41,5 x 41,5 x 6,5
weight chess set (kg): 7,5
weight of a chessmans (g): 80 – 140
height of a chessman (cm): 8 – 9,5
orgin: Croatian product
use: excellent  gift product  with Croatian legend
Code: 027

-design by croatian academic sculptor, Mr. Hrvoje Urumović
-Each of chessman represents the figure in Croatian history :King- the croatian king Tomislav, Queen- the Croatian queen Jelena, Hiker - Croatian soldier, Tower- fortress Nehaj in Senj..

The legend of the Croatian ŠAHOVNICA

A legend says that once upon a time, while waging one of many wars, a Croatian duke got captured. His enemy, a passionate chess player, had heard a rumour that his prisoner was a passionate chess player, too, so he proposed him a bet. If he wins all three out of three chess games against him he would grant him freedom. The duke accepted and indeed won all three of them.

In memory of that glorious event the duke decided to add a checkerboard to his flag. Shortly thereafter Croatian people accepted it as a national symbol of freedom.
Although every legend simplifies reality it is true that throughout entire centuries Croats were fighting for their people, not just for mere survival, but for having their own place in Europe and their own identity.

They believed that they, too, had a right to freedom, to their own name, language, religion and culture. For generations they heartily built and protected their homeland – Croatia. Generation after generation they built and protected with both their love and life their homeland – Croatia. For centuries they had a reputation for being brave warriors and loyal allies, serving foreign interests. Nevertheless Croats always wanted their own flag to be seen wherever they go.

The chess legend is connected to the Croats' desire for freedom, for their own country and homeland (patria). It seems as if in this long lasting desire there are two things intertwined: a sense for combining 16 chess figures and the art of survival in this restless, brutal and historically turmoiled country where different civilizations meet. Situated on a rather small territory, this beautiful country combines blue sea, fresh mountain ranges and wide picturesque landscapes. Its people welcome guests in a friendly and heartily manner. They enjoy life in their beautiful country.

We invite you to join them and start a voyage back into the history of this ancient nation, by playing chess. May the figures lead you through centuries of history!

Enjoy the game and memories from Croatia!


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