Atena premium olive oil 05l in a box


Atena premium olive oil 05l in a box
product: olive oil
bottle: white ceramic bottle 05l
content: extra virgin olive oil
packaging:  luxury cardboard box, carry handle
origin: Croatian product, 100% island product
use: excellent gift product / for personal or other needs
Code: 617

ATENA PREMIUM - EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL with high quality for high quality olive oil for refined palate and sophisticated consumers who expect excellence from olive oil- Medium to high intensity fruit flavour in the scent, combining olive, grassy scent as well as touch of apple and tomato flavour. It leaves a taste reminiscent of almond with a touch of artichoke and rucola. Strong intensity, nicely balanced peppery and piquant flavour, due to high concentration of phenolic compounds in the oil.

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