Glagolitic Puzzles


Glagolitic puzzles
product: puzzle
material: biodegradable plastics, 3D animated
puzzle: overlapping 27 letters with two letters (Latin and Glagolitic), each of them has Braille letters
stacking: Merging individual letters creates different words that are read in two or three different letters.
packing: one letter in pvc box 4,5x4,5x4,5 cm, heavy 20gr
appendix: product description on paper in Cro and eng language
possibility: making letters according to the desired dimension
origin: original Croatian souvenir
purpose: Croatian souvenir / gift product / other purposes
Code: 608

INNOVATION DESCRIBE:Puzzle-"Three lettered Glagolitic puzzle" includes all letters of Latinic alphabet folded with letters of Glagolitic alphabet,individually located each on it's own puzzle which are all the same size so they could connect to each other.On every puzzle,based on Latinic/Glagolitic letter located on it is the same letter in Braille letter so blind or visually impared people could read the puzzles too,because of that the puzzle is called "Three lettered",Latinic-Glagolitic-Braille letter.If you're looking at the puzzle from one angle,you read the letter in Latinic,by rotating the puzzle and looking at it from the different angle you read the same letter in Glagolitic,visually impared/blind people can touch the Braille letter and read it aswell.By combining/connecting the puzzles you can form different words or sentences  that can be read in three letters.Each piece of the puzzle,actually every puzzle is computer-designed then made with a 3D printer using "green plastic",biodegradable PLA material.


INNOVATION BENEFITS:A puzzle "Three lettered Glagolitic puzzle" is original and nothing similar exists on the market,there is 1 letter with 2 letters in 3Dimensions+the same letter is legible in Braille letter.By application of Glagolitic letter,Braille letter and making it out of biodegradable PLA(green plastic) I came to an idea that has no competition on the market and it can not be compared to any existing souvenir of the same topic,it is special and it attracts attention at the first sight.Reactions of people from the professionare more than positive,they already showed some interest for cooperation when the production starts.


INNOVATION PUROPOSE:A puzzle "Three lettered Glagolitic puzzle" is concieved as an educational souvenir,that would on easy and fun way bring closer the old Croatian culture to kids,adults and tourists.Visionally impaled and blind people can use it too because it has printed Braille letter on the top of the puzzle.

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