Viški Hib , a figs cookie


Viški Hib, a figs cookie
product: Viški Hib , a figs cookie
making: traditional handmade production
taste: dried figs with the scent of laurel, rosemary and brandy
packaging: 125 grams, 250 grams
note: ecological product
orgin: croatian product
use: gift set / for personal or others  for personal or other purposes
Code: 320

HIB is a traditional handmade delicacy from the Island of Vis, flavored with a harmonious combination of tastes such as figs, brandy and anise, and the scent of bay leaves and rosemary providing it with the allure of ancient times. Its perfection lies in the simplicity of shape, ingredients, principle of preservation, manner of keeping and taste. Its basic ingredients are figs, aromatic plants and local brandy. It is kept in dry bay and rosemary leaves which provide hib with additional aroma.

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