Powder Carob 200 grams


Powder Carob 200 grams
product: powder carob
ecological: 100% organic
making: handmade, wild carob, milled
purpose: as beverage, for cakes etc.
packaging: PVC bag
orgin: croatian product
Code: 554

Raw wild Carob powder from pristine Croatian islands.
Guaranteed 100% Wild Carob
nutritional value: Proteins 4-5 gr, carbohydrates 34 - 37%, fat 04-06 gr, energy 3500 - 4100 kJ / kcal
natural wild, natural color, sweet taste

Preparation: Melt the desired amount of powder lump in smoothie or shake, cake or cake, yogurt or cereal flakes.
100% natural

CAROB has a high quantity of flavonoids and is very tasty. It is naturally sweet and aromatic. It is very low in fats, abundant in pectin , proteins and rarely causes allergic reaction.
CAROB SPREAD is used by people who are allergic to chocolate. It contains quite a lot of fructose so it has a natural mild sweetness.It is great in the fight against viruses, bacteria and fungi and great for digestion and the strengthening of the immune system. It is recommended to serve carob spread with fermented bread prepared with yoghhurt or mineral water and it is also great as spread for panckakes.


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