Shield Caps


Shield Caps
product: Shield Caps
making: machine making
size: adult /children
weight: about 90 grams (caps)
motives: Croatian, embroidered
models:Blue Cap-Croatia , Historical Croatian Cap, Red Cap Hrvatska, Cube's Cap -Croatia
orgin: croatian product
use: for casual summer outfit on and outside the stadium.
Code : 204

Blue Cap-Croatia  is made of 100% cotton with embroidered inscription Hrvatska meaning Croatia. The sizes are not defined, because you have the possibility to adjust the cap to fit your head perfectly with the help of the back adjustment panel on the cap.

Historical Croatian Cap is made of 100% cotton, with a digitally embroidered historical coat of arms on the front.
There is only one size, but the back of the cap features a size regulator, so the cap can be manually adjusted to your head.

Red Cap Hrvatska is made from 100% cotton. The inscription is machine embroidered on the cap.
The sizes are universal, which means that one size fits all, as there is a special size regulator on the back of each piece.

Cube's Cap -Croatia is made from 100% cotton with embroidered Croatian coat of arms. Sizes range from 52 to 58 cm. There is a special size regulator at the back.

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