Hats & Cylinder Hat


Hats & Cylinder Hat
product: hats and cylinder hat
making: machine making
material: 100% cotton (hats) / 80% poliester fiber ,20% sponge (Cylinder Hat)
size: old 52-62
motive: Croatian, embroidered
models: Summer Hat  (motif with red-white squares ) / Navy Hat ( blue-white)  / Sports Cylinder Hat
orgin: croatian product
use: for casual summer outfit on and outside the stadium.
Code: 204 -1 (hats)
Code.204-2 (sport's cylindar hat)

Summer Hat This beautiful summer hat is made of 100% cotton with a lightweight cotton lining. Protects your head from dangerous UV rays whilst looking trendy and chic.
There are three standard sizes you can choose from.

Navy Hat Madel in 100% cotton with lightweight cotton fabric. There is an embroidered coat of arms and is available in three standard sizes.

Cylinder Hat is ideal for sports events and Croatian team games. It is lined with sponge in order to mantain the cylinder form. On the outside there is the polyester fibre, printed with sublimation print.

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