Licitar gift, the joy of Christmas


Licitar gift, the joy of Christmas
product: licitar gift, the joy of Christmas
making:  handmade
gift package: 12 small and 1 large licitar of various shapes
weight:  420 grams
packaging: eco cardboard box 22x22x4,5 centimeters
additional: paper flyer   cro/eng
orgin: Croatian product
use:  croatian souvenir / gift product
Code: 186 -g

Croatian Licitars
Colorfully decorated cakes made of honey dough, such as licitars, one may find throughout central Europe, and even further. In Austria and Germany these cakes are named Lebkuchen or Lebzelter (this is where the Croatian word “licitars” originates from), in Check Republic it is perník, in Slovakia medovník, Slovenia lect and so on. Although all of them have the common origin, licitars from the Northwest Croatia assumed with the time specific and unique features, such as bight red glaze and characteristic decoration. Therefore, it is no wonder why licitars today grew into a unique symbol not only of the Northwest Croatia, then also the symbol of the entire Croatia.

The tradition of licitar making dates back to the Middle Ages, especially to the 16th and 17th century when cakes in richly decorated wooden moulds were made in many European convents. In the Easter Alps region, such tradition of cake making soon grew into a craft, which was gradually spreading to the other Central European regions, when it also came to the Pannonian parts of Croatia. In the 18th and 19th Century, in the towns of Zagreb, Karlovac, Koprivnica, Samobor, Varaždin and elsewhere, licitar makers were reputable craftsmen, and their products favorite among members of all social classes.

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