Fire extinguishing devices ,promotional items


Fire extinguishing devices ,promotional items
product: fire extinguishing devices
size: 29,5 cm (height), diameter 7,5 cm
weight: 2,2 kilo
duration:  20 years
application: functional application in households, interiors, vehicles, etc.
packaging: oval cardboard box
possibility: the product can be personalized with color and logo
origin: Croatian product
purpose: gift or advertising product / for personal or other needs
Code: 622



FIRE EXTINGUISHING DEVICES, promotional and functional product

Devices of high-end design and performance, and come in various colors. They are especially appropriate for places which meet high estetical requirements of interior design.

They are equipped with ergonomically shaped plastic handle for carrying and activation. A simple mechanism enables quick and easy handling, and a pressure gauge built into the handle allows insight into the status of the device at any time .

The idea for the project was created through the vision of connecting the products functionality with high standards in contemporary interior design.

New purpose is personalization in color and logo of the firm, so it becomes functional and promotional object for client.

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