Metal Key Ring- Croatian soldier


Metal Key Ring- Croatian soldier
product: Key Ring
material: metal in old silver or copper
figure: Croatian soldier in Norman armor
packaging: cardboard box, paper attachment with text
orgin: Croatian product
use: gift produce/ por personal and other other purposes
Code: 080

Croatian soldier in Norman armor
XI. century
They were brave warriors, sailors, rowers who, in alliance with the Normans, and under the leadership of King Dmitry Zvonimir, overcame Venetian domination on the Croatian Adriatic coast. They fought all over the Mediterranean, under Croatian and papal flags, sailing side by side with the Normans

Croatian King Tomislav, year, 925.
Crowned with war glory and political success, Prince (knez) Tomislav became in 925   REX CROATORUM, the first king of the Croats. The people remember him as a ruler who connected Dalmatian towns and islands, strengthened the old Croatian folk culture, united the Croatian lands and thus turned Croatia into a strong state creation in Europe

Exclusive Croatian souvenir and gift
The work of academic sculptor, Mr. Hrvoje Urumović
The figure represents the figure of a Croatian soldier in Norman  armor or  Croatian King Tomislav

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