Ceramic Box - kolarin


Ceramic Box - kolarin
product: ceramic box
making: handmade
material: ceramics
size: fi 11 cm
form: form of Dubrovnik kolarin
application: jewelry box / decoration
origin: Croatian product
use: croatian souvenirs and gift products
Code: 254

KOLARIN is a traditional Dubrovnik jewelry that was made during the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik (1358 -1808).  Making special filigree details on the KOLARIN is complex and requires hours of hard work. KOLARIN (berries) were arranged in a row on a necklace, in rings, clothes buttons, etc.
They were made of gold and silver and today their replicas are made in the same way.
The tradition of making  KOLARIN is also present on the island of Mljet
The idea for the collar here was used to make a ceramic box for jewelry or a decorative item

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