Wall pictures, angels on a wooden background


Wall pictures, angels on a wooden background
product: wall picture
making:  replica (picture angels) on a wooden background
painter : academic painter Olena Sokolovska
motive: 4 archangels, 44 angels and 12 horoscope angels.
dimension: 8x11,5 centimeter
weight: 200 grams
packaging: cardboard box, paper flyer, 6 languages
orgin: croatian product
use: gift product / for others  purposes

Horoscope angels:
MALAHIDAEL (rams ); AMBRIEL (twins); VERCHEIL (lion); URIEL (scales); ADVACHEIL (shooter), GABRIEL (water), ASMODEL (bull), MUEIEL (cancer); HAMALEIEL (virgin); BARBIEL (scorpion); Hana (goat); BARCHIEL (fish)

Archangels (4): GABRIEL (God's messenger, patron of friendship and family), MIHAEL (heavenly warlord, winner over the war), RAFAEL (protector of medicine and healing), URIEL (an angel who keeps entry to Paradise, guardian, protector).

Anđeli (44): AFRIEL (protector of children), ANAEL (tutor of students, students and every form of learning), ENEDIEL (Angel of tenderness and love), FORTUNATA (,  (angel of well-being),GUABAREL (the angel of autumn and of mature ages), ISRAFEL (promotes musical talents and forms of creativity),JELIAH (an angel of passion and blessing of marriages),LAHABIEL (Protector of Every Evil),  NITHAEL ( ), OCH (the protector of vitality and heart, the protector of gold, ORIARES (a symbol of wisdom, meditation and spirituality), POYEL (an angel of creativity and friendship), SAMANDIRIEL (Helps in Implementing Ideas in Works), SEHALIAH (the patron of pet owners), STAMERA (angel of forgiveness, conveys the love of Christ),TEOEL (Businessman's Guardian


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