Gift Package - Hib & Wine


Gift Package - Hib & Wine
packaging: wine Plavac /Prošek 075l + HIB 250gr
box: cardboard box
possibility: printing on the box
use: gift product, for personal purposes, and other purposesgift product
orgin: Croatian products


HIB has been traditional prepered by diligent peasant woomen of Vis island. This traditional hand made cake, its harmonious mixture taste of figs, aromatic herbal brandy and fennel,smell of bay leaves and rosemary, has the charm of ancient times.
A small piece of HIB restored quickly the strenght of hard working vineyard farmers. In every  house a few HIBS were saved for Christmas days and other festvities. Stored until then in laureal and rosemary  leaves it was taken out,cut in thinly slices and served to friends and guests with a small glass of aromatic herbal brandy

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