kažun, miniatures 6cm/ 7cm/ 8cm


kažun, miniatures  6cm/ 7cm/  8cm 
making: 100 % handmade
material: natural stone / stone imitation / keramin
dimension: keramin - 8x7x6 cm (big). 6x6x5cm (middle), 6x5x3,5cm (small)
dimension: stone imitation - 7cm (hight) fi 7m  (fragrant product)
use: Croatian souvenir / gift product
orgin: Croatian product
Code: 156

NOTE:  Kažun (Bunja) is a small field shelter, built in drystone technique, without any mortar. Farmers used it is a shelter in bad weather but also for the surveillance of fields and vineyards before harvesting. They are characteristic for Istria and have become the best-known symbol of the region.

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