Svetomarska Lace (Medjimurje Lace)


Svetomarska  Lace (Medjimurje)
making: 100% handmade
material: cotton thread
sample:Croatian tradition motive  from Podravina, Bilogora
lace form: round (fi 8 /12 /17 ili 17cm)  or quadratically
packaking: PVC box  (not framed lace)
purpose: Croatian souvenir / unique gift product
origin: Croatian product

br.009-b (not framed lace)
br.009-c (not framed quadratically lace )
br.009-d (quadratically frame )
br.009-e (six-sided picture frame)

SVETOMARSKA LACE  various motifs (bell, bird, egg, heart, star, angel.
material: cotton thread
making: 100% handmade
dimension: egg 9cm; star 12 cm
packaging: PVC box (not framed lace) / cardboard / framed lace (star)
note: Lace is suitable for application on clothing items

br.009-f (not framed lace)
br.009-g (square frame)
br.009-h (cardboard)


Svetomarska lace – Međimurska lace is a part of the cultural heritage of Međimurje and Croatia, and it was protected in 2009 by the Ministry of Culture. This lace is airy and simple at first glance, modest in terms of motifs, mostly originally folk, which is the reason why experts often call it the CINDERELLA among laces.

In the past, two types of lace were produced, one for the Međimurje national costume, for the head cover of a married woman, and the second for the national costume of a married woman from Podravina and the area of Bilogorje. Svetomarska lace was exclusively used for head covers in the national costume, and for this reason, it was less susceptible to changes in fashion, and was preserved in its old, original form. This is precisely the value of the Svetomarska – Međimurje lace.

Svetomarka lace is a protected intangible cultural treasure with designation of origin.

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