Lepoglava Lace in a cardboard


Lepoglava  Lace in a cardboard
making: 100% handmade
material: cotton thread
lace:  rose approx. 10 cm
packaging: cardboard , lace certificate
purpose: Croatian souvenir / unique gift product
origin: Croatian product
addition: there are many shapes and sizes of Lepoglava lace
Code: 082-a

Lepoglava lace
Created in the centuries-old tradition and still preserved in the Lepoglava. A special way of making lace - with a smal wooden sticks (BATIĆI) is a peculiar form of lacemaking in Lepoglava area end of which is largely credited Mrs. Danica Brössler. many of valuable his ideas are turned into finished product which is now recognized as lace. To create a lace used is very thin cotton or linen thread. Lepoglava lace, white or beige, has a stylized forms of flora and fauna and the Baroque and geometric motifs.

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