Fragrant Bath Salt 300gr


Fragrant Bath Salt 300gr
glass jar : 300gr
product: sea ​​salt flavored with essential oils (lavander, olive / lemon / immortelle; lemon grass / orange)
product: environmentally and certified
product: for relaxing aromatic baths
packaging: combination wit other product in a box
possibility: brandng products
use: an excellent gift product/ for personal and others purposes
orgin: Croatiahn product
Code: 552


lavender-olive (purple) 300g: sea salt with added dry herbs and lavender oil that acts soothing and relaxing, eliminates tiredness and raises mood.
lemon grass-orange (green) 300 grams: sea salt with added lemongrass grass and lemon grass, orange, mandarin and rosemary essential oils that make the skin more elastic.
lemon-smilje (yellow) 300gr: sea salt with the addition of dry herbal herbs and essential lemon, orange and lime oil, which is traditionally used for the care and regeneration of mature and dry skin.

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