The Finest Cosmetic


The Finest cosmetic
product: cosmetic
type of product: lip balms, deodorant creams, shower gel, hydrolyte, face creams; soaps; body lotion, body scrub; body butter; liquid soap
ingredients: checked
note: the products are eco-friendly, free of parabens, dyes, synthetic things and substances of animal origin
for:  for face and body care
packaging: individually or in combination with others producta
additionally: possible branding
use: gift product/ for personal and others purposes
orgin: Croatiahn product
šifra: 542-1

FACE CREAM 30 ml: immortelle, lavender or cherry
DEODORANT OF CREAM 50ml: mint, rosemary or lavender citrus
LIP BALM 10ml: chocolate, orange, cherry or olive oil + honey
SHOWER GEL 200ml: Lavender, orange, mint and sage
HYDROLATE 100ml: Lavender and immortelle
SOAP 100gr: immortelle, lavender, sage, mint and rosemary
BODY LOTION 200ml: immortelle and cherry
BODY BUTTER 150 ml: immortelle and cherry
BODY PEELING 300ml: Rosemary, lavender citrus apricot kernel
LIQUID SOAP 200 ml: mint, lavender, sage


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