Pure natural soaps 100gr


Pure natural soaps 100gr
product: pure Natural soaps, more species
Ingredients: ECO (lavander, olive oil and other oils)
guantity: 100 gr , 8x6x2,2cm
for:  for face and body care
packing: box / no box
orgin: Croatiahn product
use: gift product/ for personal and others purposes
Code: 001


GRANDMA'S SOPA 200gr: Extra-gentle on sensitive skin and may help relieve conditions like psoriasis and eczema with regular use
MAHARAJA SOAP 100gr:  tea tree essential oil and avocado, against acne and fungi
KLEOPATRA 100 gr:  of green algae and sage, for clining skin and pores
ANASTASIA 100gr: , extract chamomile, for face and hair
REGENT 100gr:  for rejuvenating the skin
APOLLO 100gr: , with rosemary oil, to strengthen the scalp
IMPERATOR, with laurel oil and mint, oak broom, for peeling
PHARAON 100gr: with activated coal, clove essential oil, for oily skin
DELIRIUM 100gr: with avocado, mint, citron and hazelnut oil ; For soap for dry and burned skin. Antiseptic and coolant for skin under hot summer sun
ILLYRIENNE 100gr: for hydration of the face and body. water, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, soy oil, lavender oil, lavender flower, sodium hydroxide
SULTAN 100gr: with lemon and pineapple, deodorant soap
MONARCH 100gr: Marigold & Pumpkinseed oil, for nevenom i bučinim uljem, for mature children's skin
MARCO POLO 100gr: green clay, green tea, geranium , face and body care natural soap to keep you looking fresh and relaxed.
KAISTER 100gr : ,with coffee and chocolate, for peeling
EMPRESS 100gr:  water, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, honey, bees wax, goat milk, cinnamon oil, sodium hydroxide

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