Flawe & Fresh oil 50 ml


Flawe & Fresh oil 50 ml
product:  flawer  / fresh
quantity: 50 ml
ingredients: Ecologically and Certified
for:  for care
use:  for personal and others purposes
orgin: Croatiahn product

Dry Skin Oil Flower 50 ml: Dry oil for dry and facial skin care and for dry and cracked hair. The nourishing combination of hazelnut oil,  immortelle essential oil,  St. John’s Wort oil, sweet almonds, macadamia, macerate of ivy , rose with vitamin E for body, hair and nail care. Multi-purpose oil has a nutritional and regenerative action and a pleasant smell.

Dry Skin Oil Fresh  50 ml: for all skin and facial types and for dry and cracked hair. Jojoba oil, macadamia, argan, sweet almond, immortelle  essential oil with vitamin E contributes to the hydration and nutrition of facial skin and it becomes shiny, soft and nurtured. A light dry formula of dry oil is quick to absorb, leaves no greasy trace and it is a pleasant smell.

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