Comfrey & Marigold ointments 60 ml


Comfrey & Marigold  ointments 60 ml
product: Comfrey & Marigold  ointments
quantity: 60 ml
ingredients: Ecologically and Certified
for:  for face and body care
note:  without parabens, artificial colors and scents
use: gift product/ for personal and others purposes
orgin: Croatiahn product
Code: 547

Comfrey ointment 60ml : Comfrey salve helps wound healing, cleansing the lumbar ulcers and restoring the tissue. It acts through the cell growth activator allantoin. It   contains gavage extract, yarrow, black mallow, hamamelis and vitamin E. Comfreystimulates cell regeneration and ti  ssue regeneration, the yarrow acts anti-inflammatory and as an astringent, while the black mallow   helps to epitalisation the skin. Hamamelis, besides    the astringent performance, also calms inflammation and enhances wound healing.
Comfrey’s fat acts through an allantoin that is a cell growth activator.

Marigold ointment 60ml : Calendula’s salve helps to heal damaged skin, eczema, decubitus and redness. Also used for the care of dried, rough and wrinkled skin on hands and feet, as well as for irritated skin (eg. after sunbathing). It contains a flower extract of calendula, calendula oil, oat extract, linden, and Hamamelis. Calendula  ‘s flower acts anti-inflammatory and oat prevents the growth of almost all kinds of bacteria and fungi. Linden and hamamelis have healing and astringent activity.


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