Vucedol boot , raplica


Vucedol boot, raplica
making: hand made, replica archeological find
replica: replica archeological find
material: ceramics, terracotta color
dimension: 13X17cm
orgin: Croatian products
use: Croatian souvenir / gift product


Vučedol culture (3000 – 2200 BC) appeared in the area of Eastern Slavonia. It is characterised by richly ornamented clay vessels.
The excavations of 2007 resulted in an unusual, wonderful discovery – a small ceramic boot from the Vučedol culture. Apart from being an extremely rare and, in every which way, valuable find, the boot was made with an indescribable amount of attention, patience, knowledge and love. All of this is evident in this small ceramic boot. (Source: Nova Akropola)


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