The Vucedol Dove, eco-cardboard box


The Vucedol Dove, eco-cardboard box
material: stone imitation
dimension / weight : 15x15x8 centimeter /cca 800 gr
making: hand made, replica archeological find
packaging: an eco-cardboard box, multi-lingual leaflet
use: Croatian souvenir / gift product
orgin: Croatian products
Code: 083 (in a box)
Code: 083-a (no boxes)

The Vucedol culture (2800. – 2400 BC) originates from the region of Eastern Slavonia. It is characterised by the richly decorated pottery. This clay vessel in the form of a stylized dove (or, according to some, partridge), is the best known finding of this culture. Dove is a religious symbol associated with the cult of Great Mother.

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