The Duke Vešeslav's Baptismal Font


The Duke Višelsav's Baptismal Font
making: hand made, replica archeological find
material: stone imitation
dimension: 16X10cm;11x7cm; 6x4cm
orgin: Croatian products
use: Croatian souvenir / gift product
Code: 000

The hexagonal marble font from the beginning of the 9 th century is one of oldest and the most significant monuments of the early Croatian church architecture. The inscription in Latin above the cross bears mention of Duke Višeslav and runs along the edge as follows:“ This spring takes the weak to make them pure. Here they are washed of the crimes inherited from their first parents to become Chirstians confessing the Holy Trinity. The priest John made this font pious in Duke Višeslav's times, to honour St. John the Baptist so he would favour the priest and his congregation .” The font was found in 1746 in the Church of St. Cross in Nin and is displayed today in the Archeological Museum of Split.

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