Old Coat of Arms of Istria, dating from 1688


Old Coat of Arms of Istria, dating from 1688
making: hand made, replica archeological find
material: stone imitation
dimension: 18x23cm, za zid
packagingpackaging: eco cardboard  box, multi-lingual leaflet
orgin: Croatian products
use: Croatian souvenir / gift product 
Code: 421


The oldest depiction of the Istrian coat of arms known today is located in the Coronelli collection of geographical maps, published in Venice in 1688.

The origin of this coat of arms can be found in late antiquity, when, due to an incursion by the Langobards in the 6th century, the indigenous Histri fled to the small island of Caprarija, where they founded the new settlement of Capris, “Koza”, today’s Kopar. The trademark of this city, and later the coat of arms, was the goat.

In the Middle Ages, the shade of blue that appears on the coat of arms was called Venetian or Turkish blue, and symbolised patriotism, benevolence, and was an omen of victory. The goat is a modest animal, but very stubborn, and it is believed that the Istrians chose the goat as their symbol to spite Venice’s lion.

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