making: hand made, replica archeological find
material: stone imitation
dimension: 15x22 cm, for hanging on the wall
packaging: eco cardboard  box, multi-lingual leaflet
orgin: Croatian products
use: Croatian souvenir / gift product
Code: 136

In the Greek mythology, Kairos, the youngest son of Zeus, was the god of the fortunate, favourable moment. According to this myth, Kairos is moving silently and swiftly among people, thus giving them a chance to catch him by the lock of his hair falling on his face. “ To catch Kairos's hair ” is to make use of the good opportunity given only once in a lifetime. Kairos calls for alertness and daring and is a symbol of action when the time is right.

The relief originates from the 1 st century and was probably made after the Lisipus's original. It is now in the collection of St. Nicolas's monastery in Trogir.

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