Baska Table, blue cardboard box


Baska Table, blue cardboard box
material: stone imitation
making: hand made, replica archeological find
dimension /weight: 12x23 centimeter (no boxes) ; 1kg (no boxes)
packaging:blue cardboard box, the silk-lined interior, metal clasp boxes , multi-lingual leaflet
color box: dark blue, black or as desired
possibility: printing on the box
orgin: Croatian products
use: Croatian souvenir / gift product
Code: 397


The Baska Table is the first written monument of the Croatian culture. It was made around 1100 in Baska on the island of Krk. It was the left pluteus of the altar partition in St. Lucy's church, and the partition separated the space for the priests from the space for congregation.

The Table was written in the Glagolitic script in the old Croatian language containing elements of the Slavic church language. A Croatian name was here for the first time written in the Croatian language; the script makes mention of the Croatian king Zvonimir donating a meadow to St. Lucy's church. The translation of the script reads:

I, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I, abbot Drzhiha, wrote this about the plot of land which was given by Zvonimir, the Croatian king, in his days to St.. Lucy and witnesses are: Desimir, prefect of Krbava, Mratin in Lika, Pribinezha in Vinodol, Jakov on the island. If anyone denies it, may he be cursed by 12 Apostles and 4 Evangelists and St.. Lucy. May anyone who lives here pray for them. I, abbot Dobrovit, built this church together with my nine brothers in the days of Duke Kosmat who ruled the whole Country. In those days Mikula was in Otocac with St.. Lucy. he Baska Table can be seen today in the entrance hall of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts in Zagreb

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