Privacy policy

GDPR privacy policy

Patria-Promocija d.o.o applies GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in accordance with the data protection regulation in force since 25 May 2018, as well as in accordance with other regulations related to personal data collection and protection. This regulation applies to all personal data of users that we directly collect and process. The regulation does not apply to anonymous data because they cannot be linked to a specific physical person.

Patria-Promocija d.o.o. collects personal data such as first and last name, age, business activity, postal and email address, telephone number and similar information. These data are collected only when users themselves provide consent during direct email contact, during registration on website or by means of the form located on our website.

How we collect data 

For instance when you access the “SEND INQUIRY” form or subscribe to our newsletter, you have shared with us your personal data and we collect them. We may also collect your data when you contact us directly via our email address, as well as on the basis of your access device and the IP address you used to access our website.
For more information on this, read the “Cookies and other tracking technologies” section below.

How we use the collected data

The personal data that you have shared with us can be used to respond to your inquiry or to further communication with you with the purpose of business cooperation or marketing. The data can also be used to improve our website in the manner that we monitor and analyse visits to certain webpages and the website as a whole (Google analytics). The end purpose is marketing.

Personal data protection

Patria-Promocija d.o.o. is required to protect and securely store collected data. It will not further distribute or share them with third parties or users, and will not send emails that are in opposition to the terms and conditions of use. At any given moment, users may unsubscribe from Patria-Promocija d.o.o.’s list that is used for marketing campaigns.


Cookies contain information stored on your computer by the website you are visiting. When you first visit our website, a text will appear notifying you of the existence of cookies and asking for your consent. This is our obligation deriving from EU regulations.

The information that we receive from the cookies provide us with insights into how visitors use our website. The purpose is to improve the quality of its content to the benefit of visitors.

Optional cookies include Google Analytics cookies (which track visitors and analyse the success of the website, and which are available to Patria-Promocija as statistical data without personal data, individual visitors), as well as social media cookies (for instance, Facebook) that allow the user to share certain content by means of their own social media accounts.

Disabling cookies

Cookies can be controlled and configured through your web browser. For information on cookie settings, select the web browser you are using. • Google Chrome • Firefox • Internet Explorer  • Opera (in English)  • Safari (in English)

Note, when blocking our cookies, it may occur that some parts of our website become unavailable or page display is of a poorer quality.

Accessing and updating your personal data

In order to check whether your data are updated and accurate, send an inquiry to the email . Feedback to your inquiry will only be possible if the inquiry is sent from an active email registered with us, containing accurate data in the body of the email (first and last name, telephone number of the user requesting information) in order to prevent exposing your personal data to third parties.

Patria-Promocija will, within 7 days from your inquiry, provide you with insight into the requested data and, if necessary, further update, modify or delete in full your data.

Inquiries related to this notification on privacy policy

By using our website, it will be considered that users, at any given moment, are familiar and in agreement with the terms and conditions of use, including provisions on the use and protection of personal data, as well as possibilities related to cookies.

If you still have further questions or possible objections related to personal data protection, contact us at .

Every inquiry or objection concerning privacy will be registered and investigated, and the results of the investigation will be provided. If it is determined that the objection is justified, we will conduct all required measures in accordance with positive provisions.