The magic Christmas time

December 4, 2020 :



Everyone loves gifts, to receive  and give them.It is especially appreciated when the gift is original, unique, authentic, handmade and carefully crafted, imbued with a story. In the pre-holiday fever and the rush that often befalls us, it may seem that such #gifts are very difficult to find. But it is not impossible and one should not look far. The dedicated work of Croatian craftsmen, artists and manufactories at this time should be especially emphasized because these products deserve all the attention.

There are many reasons why we should support small producers. By choosing the original product, you are actually donating twice. You will give your loved ones an interesting and unique gift, and you will give confidence and the wind in your back to the hardworking hands behind it.

There are many craftsmen in Croatia, hardworking people who turn natural resources from their region into unique craft products at the regional and local level. Combining traditional and modern, with their creativity they refresh the heritage and enrich the entire offer of their region.

Christmas decorations, oenological  and culinary products,  sweets, cosmetics, home items, unique gift products packages , traditional and many other imaginative products ..... each of them bears the signature of its region and its author, and often Croatian tradition is woven into them.

Production is usually small and limited, but has a high level of quality and personal commitment.  Homemade is homemade !  but also different !

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let's buy Croatia!

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