Sibenik's bagatin, a chocolate version of a 15th century coin

September 18, 2019 :



Visitors to Sibenik could soon bring home a unique, edible souvenir - the Sibenik bagatin, a chocolate version of the coin minted in Šibenik in the 15th century. It was designed by the students of the Šibenik Tourist and Catering School and the idea was to present the cultural and historical heritage of the city to tourists. The project was funded by the Ministry of Tourism.

For 350 bagatins, they dissolved 10 pounds of chocolate. And they created and made a croastian souvenir: the students themselves. And they are satisfied with the finished product. Bagatin is a cultural and historical heritage of Sibenik. That's why they chose him. Because it has a story. The Bagatin was forged in Šibenik in 1485. They like to emphasize that Šibenik - they were among the first to have their own money. And it has remained in use for over two centuries.

Sibenik's bagatin

Šibenik was the first Croatian city to mint its own money during the Venetian period.

The Council of Nine in Venice approved the minting and usage of Šibenik coins - the Šibenik Bagatin, which was a mean of payment in Šibenik for more than two centuries.

According to the Decree on Forging, one side of the coin contained a figure of St. Marcus, the patron saint of Venice and the other, a figure of St. Michael, the patron saint of Šibenik.

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