General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions regulate the mutual rights and obligations for unhindered and fast business operations between the seller and customers.
The seller (Patria-Promocija) is a business entity that sells and delivers goods or services in accordance with the general terms and conditions as specified herein.
The seller is a physical or legal person that orders products or services or pays for them in accordance with the general terms and conditions as specified herein. By accepting the general terms and conditions for sales, Customers state that all of the data they provide about themselves are true and complete, that they are in a capacity to conduct business operations, and that there are no barriers known to them for ordering and buying the products herein referred to.

Sales take place in four steps:


Product selection and delivery of inquiry
01. Browse list of products in the offer section
02. Prices are not visible, they are sent upon request to the Customer.
03. Inquiries are sent to ,
04. Replies to received inquiries are sent to the customer’s contact

01. Orders are placed by email to or tel/fax at +385-1-4848 634
02. It is necessary to state product name and catalogue number, quantity, time and plae of delivery
03. A condition for a one-off order of one kind of product is a value of at least 100 EURO (customers from Croatia) and 150 EURO (foreign customers)
04. Identical products from the offer or similar products can be ordered (upon agreement)
05. Customers are required to provide accurate, valid and complete personal data that are required for the completion of the order

01. Upon placement of an order, the customer is sent an offer 
02. Payment is 100% in advance.
03. Customers from Croatia pay in HRK to the giro account (IBAN), foreign customers pay in EUR to the foreign bank account .

IBAN: HR7524840081103673244 (Raiffeisen bank d.d Zagreb)  l  OIB (PIN): 38753744041
Foreign currency account: HR7524840081103673244 (Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d  Zagreb)  l  SWIFT: RZBHHR2X    

Delivery of purchased product
01. For smaller quantities, delivery is approx. 3-7 workdays from payment
02. For larger quantities, delivery is approx. 7-15 workdays from payment
03. Delivery is performed by HP Express or other courier service
04. Delivery rates are determined in accordance with the courier’s valid price list
05. Delivery cost depends on the weight of the parcel and the place of delivery
06. Some of the products cannot be delivered to some countries, due to the specific import and customs legal provisions in certain countries.

Rights to returns and claims

Customers have the right to product returns or claims within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day of product delivery in the case:

1. when a product is delivered that was not ordered
2. when the product delivered has damage that did not occur during transport
3. when the delivered product is defective or has expired

The customer has to first announce the claim/return of the purchased product by email to or by mail to the Seller. When returning the product, the customer has to return the product to the state in which it was delivered, in the original packaging. If the return is justified, the costs of return are covered by the Seller.

If the Customer returns the product with significant damage or without parts, and if it is not delivered within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the product, it is considered that the Customer has not met the product return obligation and the Seller is not required to return the paid funds or to replace the product.

If the product has hidden inadequacies (an inadequacy that could not be uncovered with an inspection during acceptance of the product), which the customer discovers upon opening the product, the Customer has the right to a money return, a product replacement, a rectifying of the inadequacy or a lower price. On the basis of the request for return or replacement, the Customer will be returned the paid amount to the bank account specified by the Customer or the product will be replaced with a new one within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the returned product to the address specified in the Customer’s request.

If it is indisputably established that the product claim is unjustified or that the inadequacy occurred due to faulty handling or use, the Seller is not required to return the money or deliver a replacement product. The claimed product will be returned to the customer at his or her expense, with a written explanation of the reason for rejection of the request for return or replacement.

If an error occurred during packing of the product and the Seller receives a product other than the ordered product, customers are required to send a notification of this within fourteen (14) days. In that case, the customer returns the mistakenly delivered product at the expense of the Seller; the Seller is required to deliver the ordered product or to give money back (in accordance with the customer’s request) within fifteen (15) days from the mistakenly delivered item.

If the Customer does not receive the ordered and paid product, the customer is required to report this by email within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day of the anticipated arrival of the ordered product. In this case, the Seller is required to determine what happened with the claimed package, and to notify the customer of the next steps in resolving the claim.


NOTE: If you consider that the posting of a certain product on the website has violated your copyright, please notify us by email at or by tel/fax: +385-1-4848 634.

NOTE: Written customer and other complaints should be sent to the office’s postal address.

GDP policy

By visiting the website , customers indicate that they have read the General terms and conditions and that they have fully accepted them.
Customers who have shown interest in products on the website , in accordance with GDPR, provide explicit consent to Patria-Promocija (the owner of the MADE-IN-CROATA project) to process their personal data for the needs of its customer records, to notify of new products and services, as well as to enhance service. Personal data will not be abused or used in other purposes. More on GDPR 

For orders/complaints/claims:

Savska 41, 10000 ZAGREB, CROATIA (office)
tel/fax: +385-1-4848 634

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