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We specialise in the promotion and sales of Croatian souvenirs and gift products.

The MADE-IN-CROATIA website, www.made-in-croatia.com.hr , is owned by the Patria-Promocija agency.

This web platform was set up in 2004 with the idea of introducing, in the area of gift giving, a new concept based on products made by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The agency discovered in the SME workshops, up to that point, unknown or insufficiently known products, and presented them to domestic and international customers, thereby, changing their general perception of Croatian souvenirs.

In the beginning phase, presented on the website were only a few Croatian souvenirs, while today there are over 580 and the number is constantly growing.
The souvenirs are imaginative in terms of form, design and packaging, and often contain elements of Croatian history, culture and tradition, which makes them even more special.

Products from the MADE IN CROATIA catalogue, due to their features and characteristics, are popular as personal or business presents, as well as protocol gifts.

Apart from Croatia, we proudly highlight their placement in countries of Western Europe, in Australia, Ecuador, USA, Canada, Japan.

We would like express our gratitude to associates on our successful cooperation and we would like to invite others to join us.

April, 2019